Why do I need EQual One?

EQual One is your primary ally when it comes to managing your Mobile Experience. Have you ever felt like your connection was slow or unresponsive? Have you ever had a surprise when receiving your mobile bill? Thanks to EQual One, you are now in control of your mobile experience.

  • Speed tests – Check the speed of your mobile connection at any time with our innovative speed test.
  • Data Usage – Keep track of your data consumption, app by app.
  • Coverage – You have a 4G device? Make sure you receive the best possible connection anywhere you go.
  • Alerts – Get alerted when your data usage goes over your defined usage limit, but also when you are falling out of coverage!

How can I configure my billing plan?

Open the slide-out menu, go to Settings then find the Billing Period section. There, you can set up a weekly or monthly billing plan. Just select the day of the week (if weekly) or day of the month (if monthly) when your plan starts.

How can I get notifications based on my mobile experience?

Open the slide-out menu, go to Alerts. Tap the + icon and in the select a type of alert you want to create.

  • Data usage: your data consumption over mobile, WiFi or Roaming (Android only) networks.
  • Voice: your time spent on outgoing calls.
  • Battery: your battery depletion rate.

After selecting a type of alert, specify the threshold and the period for the alert. If the threshold is reached during the specified period, the alert will be triggered!

Why does the app need my location?

We use your location to build the coverage map of your mobile experience. That way, you know for sure what type of service you get in the places that matter to you. We also use it to locate the speed tests you initiate.

Data Usage

Can I see my data usage when traveling?

You can see your data usage when traveling abroad in the My Data Usage card. It will display the data usage done while roaming. You can also get the details per app in the My Apps card. (Android only)

Can I see my mobile data usage per app?

Yes, the My Apps card shows you the details of all the apps that use your mobile data connection. The traffic is broken down between Mobile, WiFi and Roaming (when you are abroad).

Active Tests

How can I test the speed of my connection?

On your dashboard, you have three shortcuts that allow you to test your connection speed on different services:

  • Speed Test: it runs a download test over your current connection and gives you an instant result in Mbps. Our innovative test is very quick and uses very little data!
  • Web: it loads the most popular webpages and gives you an instant result of their loading times in seconds.
  • Video Streaming: it loads a YouTube video and asseses the quality you can get.

Select any of the test you want to perform and click Start to run it!

How is your speed test different?

We have developped a new and innovative speed test that differs from the offering of other providers on the market. Thanks to an intelligent approach of the transfer at the lowest levels of the network, we manage to get a reliable estimate of the bandwidth available to you at any time.
While a standard speed test by other solutions on the market would typically use at least 20 MB of data, we manage to reduce that transfer size to 5 MB for the same results! In a world where every megabytes count, that leaves more data for your own usage!